The Company

Our team of professionals

Kenneth Bentley, President
Wayne Jarvis, Legal Advisor
Lilith B. Harden, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Armand Davante, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Robert E. Butcher, CEA (Chief Executive Assasin)
Dr. Karl Eichendorf, Information Technology
Vlad Dragoslav, District Manager
Rick Agrellas, Damage Control
Trevor Alekbian, Human Resource Manager
Dr. Franklin Stein, Scientist - Genetic Advancements

Our logo, the shark with the laser attached to it's head, reminds us of the fact that WDC engineers succeed where others fail. Our laser-shark is kept in a tank at our staff petting zoo in Hawaii. We call it Hannibal.

Important: We can not guarantee your safety during the laser show. Protective goggles are advised. The protective goggles won't really protect you since the laser is 10kW. But they look really cool.


"World Domination Corp helped me locate my best friend from high school in no time! It was fast and effective and because they did the assassination, I'm scot free!" -Diane Spalding

"This network of people saved me tons of money by not having to hire a private investigator. I was able to find my cheating wife, that *censored*, and have her and her lover killed in just minutes! They also found my dog Sparky. World Domination Corp is simply a great network to belong to!" - Daniel Rowan

"I always felt I had a small penis and World Domination Corp helped me have it enlarged! Thank you so very much! I have a girlfriend now!" - Don Johnson (Not the famous actor)

"Since I was a little boy I always wanted to rule the galaxy and I know I will by belonging to World Domination Corp. I have been abducted nine times and I can't wait to get back at the sons of *censored*. I also like to have my therapist killed soon. Thank you so much for you help and friendship." - Adrian Davis