Join the team and make a difference.

It is important to have excellent coping skills and the ability to present evil stuff to our staff with confidence and a bit of class - but at the end of the day, it's really all about networking. Log on to and join the millions of people already active members of World Domination Corp.

We can always use more henchmen since ours tend to get killed off by government spies. We offer a really good retirement plan and all of our henchmen get a free t-shirt, really cool sunglasses and a beretta (semi automatic).
Check out Our Mission Statement and see if you belong with our corporation as a henchman.

If you're not handsome enough to become a henchman, our WD+/-40 special undercover task force for middle aged men might be just the right thing for you! These men can grease their way out of just about anything and you can learn how. WD+/-40 is a neat solution if you have a dull marriage or need a little extra thrill in your life. We do all kinds of cool things together but we shower separately.

Whether you are looking for surveillance jobs, assassination jobs, national leader jobs, mental health jobs, henchmen jobs.

We have dental.

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